All about me

Fun facts about me

Hello! I am Jenni, a freelance editor, writer and blogger. Welcome to my website and blog. Read further to find out what makes me tick.

Early life

  • I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, a gazillion years ago, but I moved to Port Elizabeth with my parents when I was four.
  • I have two sisters. I’m the middle one.
  • I went to the same school – a girls’ only convent – for my entire school life.
  • I have the same family name as the future queen of England.
  • I have lived in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, East London and Cape Town in South Africa, and in St Albans and London in the United Kingdom.
  • I have taught English in Seoul, South Korea.
My crazy family – Lisa, Nick and Alan
My crazy family – Lisa, Nick and Alan

Family life

  • I met my husband, Alan, at a political meeting in East London.
  • I made my own wedding dress. I looked like a meringue. (Meringues were en vogue at the time.)
  • Alan’s job entails saving lives – he works with pre-mature babies. I save writers and authors from themselves.
  • Alan doubles up as my IT guy, bike mechanic and maker-of-the-morning-coffee.
  • We have two children, Lisa and Nicholas, who are nine years apart.
  • We have two dogs and countless birds, guinea pigs and rabbits. We’d have lots more bunnies if it weren’t for the fact that Dexter, the daddy rabbit, got the snip.
  • Lisa is studying Speech and Language Pathology at the University of Cape Town. She aspires to helping people.
  • Nick has an encyclopaedic knowledge of animals and nature. He aspires to being a man-bun-wearing game ranger.
  • Lisa is an accomplished open-water swimmer. Nick is an accomplished gymnast and hip-hop dancer

Trivial facts about me

  • I once fell down a waterfall, but surfaced unscathed.
  • I started running with my father in my late teens, primarily to lose weight. Although Dad lost the weight, I’m still running.
  • I completed my first triathlon at the age of 47.
  • I have competed in many endurance running and cycling events, including the Cape Town Cycle Tour, the Two Oceans Marathon, Xterra, half Ironman and full Ironman events. (I am Tortoise in the fable, The Tortoise and the Hare.)
  • I can get lost using a GPS.
  • I’m a complete technophobe. The fact that I managed to install the software to create, design and launch my own website and blog, and to generate content for it, has blown my socks off.