Glossary: Out of Africa

Glossary: Out of Africa

autobiographical: a book that is written about a person’s own experiences

pseudonym: a name used by an author to hide his or her own identity

highlands: a region that is higher than the surrounding area altitude: the height (of land) above sea level

limpid: clear and calm

critical acclaim: to be liked or looked upon favourably by readers or viewers chronicle: to tell the story of something

tumultuous: troubled or violent; unhappy

philanderer: a man who has sex with many women

big game hunter: a person who hunts game (elephant, lion, rhino, and so on)

unconventional: unusual

determination: the ability to continue doing something, although it is difficult

rejection: the act of being rejected; not accepted

privilege: when a person has special benefits based on his or her race, age, religion, gender or social status